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Meet our Principal

Jade Lattimore

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Jade, tired of the way traditional law firms do business, established Greenstone Legal in 2014 to ensure that quality advice would be affordable to all clients irrespective of their size or budget.  She focuses on delivering advice in a plain English -no legal jargon- manner.


The Firm has been built from the ground up on the back of Jade's core business values of honesty, strong enduring relationships and old fashioned customer service.  The Firm's logo, the koru spiral, represents both new beginnings and the idea of perpetual movement forward. A symbol of solidarity and standing with our clients as they traverse the legal landscape. 


Jade is a dynamic and pragmatic lawyer, having considerable experience in the areas of business law, estate planning, superannuation and trusts, strategy and structuring, revenue law, banking finance and securities, property and intellectual property law. She acts on behalf of clients in both domestic and multi-national deals and transactions.


Jade is a well-regarded public speaker regularly presenting in Australia and abroad to business  professionals, industry groups and colleagues on a wide variety of areas of law, from posthumous sperm retrieval to Bitcoin and everything in between. 

Meet our Team


Marnie Parkinson

    Marnie has more than 20 years experience working in Family Law and Native Title. 

    Marnie spent her youth in remote Western Australian towns, giving her an exceptional ability to connect with, and relate to, people from all walks of life.  

    With a talent for bringing parties to common ground, Marnie helps her clients resolve disputes, particularly those involving complex children's and property matters.

    Marnie's ability to give plain English advice and work complex issues into practical solutions ensures that her clients understand every step of the process. 

    Rebecca Chapman

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    Rebecca works in our Wills and Estates, Commercial and Dispute Resolution teams. 


    Mum to two 'on the cusp of teen hood' children, Rebecca certainly knows how to negotiate delicate situations.

    Having been a paralegal for more than a decade before pursuing admission herself, Rebecca brings a broad range of experience to the Firm.


    Rebecca loves being presented with a challenge and enjoys working with clients to deliver results. Her reliability and clear communication skills are regularly praised by our clients and her focus and drive is second to none.

    Kathryn Parker

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    Kathryn works in our Dispute Resolution team. In her spare time she volunteers at a wildlife rescue centre, where she has learned the art of taming wild animals, a skill she has found incredibly useful in law.


    With a diverse background ranging from working as a vet nurse, to living and working in the Great Southern, there isn't much Kathryn hasn't seen.

    Kathryn calls on her experience to assist clients focus on realistic outcomes whilst minimising unnecessary costs and delays.

    Kathryn's 'no nonsense' approach is invaluable to her clients' understanding of their legal rights and the processes needed to pursue those rights in a cost and time efficient manner so that her clients' know where they stand from the very first meeting. 

    Colin Touyz

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    Colin works in our Commercial and Dispute Resolution teams and, in addition,  brings an abundance of construction law experience to the Firm. 

    An avid fisher, self confessed "foodie" and E-scooter enthusiastColin understands the importance of resolving legal issues quickly so that our clients can get back to enjoying life. 

    Colin's 'no nonsense' attitude and 'eyes wide open' approach to matters assists clients to achieve attractive solutions. 

    Prior to joining the Greenstone Legal team, Colin was the principal of Colt Legal. Colin has more than 30 years experience as a lawyer, is a registered adjudicator under the Construction Contracts Act (WA) 2004 as well as a Notary Public. 

    Janelle Easom

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    Janelle is Marnie's right hand in our Family Law team and enjoys working between our West Perth and Mandurah offices.


    As a Mandurah resident, Janelle has a special place in her heart for the coastal beauty and vibrant community that the Peel Region flaunts.

    Janelle finds immense joy and fulfillment in her work, and she prides herself on providing clients with a supportive environment during their legal journey. 


    Interestingly, Janelle takes her passion for the law even on vacation. During her honeymoon, her husband found himself dragged into a New York City Courtroom to watch a family law trial unfold. 


    Janelle is looking forward to being admitted to practice as a lawyer in 2024.

    Kaitlin Jones

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      Kaitlin is a member of our Family Law team and has  a great 'get it done' attitude, approaching every task with determination and efficiency.

      Never one to shy away from a challenge, Kaitlin juggles the demands of work whilst also studying to complete her law degree.

      Kaitlin's proactive approach to work ensures that she consistently delivers high-quality results in a timely manner.

      Kaitlin is a proud cat owner and takes the time to ensure her fur baby feline is not only well care for, but enjoys the occasional bubble bath and pampering.



      Shumi Tsungu

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      Shumi works in our Wills and Estate Planning and Dispute Resolution teams. 

      Growing up with 8 siblings, Shumi has learned the art of focussing on what's important, looking past the noise and focussing on practical goals.

      Previously to becoming a lawyer, Shumi  worked as a risk officer for the Law Society of Western Australia and applies the skills learned in that job to assess and assist our clients to achieve their desired outcome. 

      Shumi's attention to detail, excellent communication skills and general life experience all assist her to deliver focused and personal legal services.  

      Shumi brings a calm, unflustered approach to client matters, helping navigate difficult and delicate situations.

      Melanie Dorfan

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      Melanie works in our Wills and Estates and Commercial and Property teams.


      After a holiday in 2022 during which their high school aged daughter fell in love with the State, Melanie and her husband agreed to pack up their lives in South Africa and 3 months later, they were residents of Western Australia. 

      As a sole practitioner lawyer of more than 20 years in South Africa, Melanie has a wealth of experience in Commercial, Contract and Corporate matters as well as Wills and Estate Planning.

      Other than struggling with watching netball in the rain every Saturday morning, Melanie is enjoying Western Australia and is quickly learning to adapt her knowledge and experience for Australian clients.

      Melanie's attention to detail is second to none and she provides quality advice and service to our clients in conjunction with our lawyers.







      Nicky Hill

      Practice Manager

      Nicky is the engine room of Greenstone Legal, keeping everything ticking all day everyday. 


      In her former life Nicky worked bars as a student, was a paralegal in the UK and owned a bakery in West Perth. 

      Dealing with people is her second nature and customer service is her priority. For Nicky, it is all about a positive client experience. 


      Nicky supports the whole team to keep everyone working at their best and making sure client deadlines are met with a smile. If something needs to be done, Nicky is on to it without hesitation.

      Amber Collier


      Amber is the solution finder in our team, often with a drill in hand.

      Previously to joining Greenstone Legal, Amber was a Forensic Police Officer. 


      With that in mind, it goes without saying that attention to detail, getting things right and focussing on outcomes is inherent in everything Amber does. 

      ​For those reasons, Amber heads up all things finance, billing, systems and processes ensuring that the back end of the office ticks along smoothly.


      Lisa Colback

      Receptionist - Albany

      Lisa joined Ella in our Albany office in 2022 and has quickly become Ella’s right hand. 


      Sitting at front of house, Lisa provides a warm and positive reception for our Great Southern clients


      A mum of 13 children (yes, that’s right), Lisa brings her tried and tested organisation skills to our team. As you can imagine, after raising 13 children, there isn’t much that Lisa can’t do.  


      Lisa is a well-known face in the Great Southern region, and we couldn’t think of a nicer person to look after our clients.

      Samantha Threlfell

      Receptionist - West Perth

      Sam is the happy 'can do' face of Greenstone Legal, greeting our clients at reception.

      Quite literally scouted teaching a water aerobics class, Sam's ever present bubbly, people-person energy is infectious.

      Since joining Greenstone Legal Sam has welcomed every client with warmth, understanding and great coffee.

      She might be small in stature, but her heart is huge and there isn't a thing Sam wouldn't do to help someone in need, making Sam the perfect person to be the face of our business and the first experience our clients have.

      Mietta Aubertin

      Legal Assistant - West Perth

      Mietta hit the ground running with the Firm in September 2022.


      Having worked in administration roles in a wide variety of industries over her career as well as running her own business, Mietta brings a wealth of experience to the team and fantastic fresh ideas.


      A mum to a beautiful baby girl and wife to a cycling mad husband, Mietta certainly  knows how to navigate the busyness of life.

      Mietta's attention to detail combined with her drive to deliver a great client experience make her an incredibly valuable member of our team.

      Lina Zappiello

      Legal Assistant - West Perth

      Having somehow managed to survive working with lawyers for more than 30 years, Lina joined the Greenstone Legal team in June 2023.

      Prior to joining Greenstone Legal, Lina worked with Colin at Colt Legal. 

      Lina is a devoted fan of bingo and quiz nights, where her extraordinary luck always keeps the excitement flowing. 

      Lina is a diligent and patient worker who takes pleasure in seeing tasks through to completion. 




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