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Are you involved in a legal dispute or foresee a legal dispute arising in the near future?

We know that some disputes are simply unavoidable. Our approach provides you with effective and commercially-focussed solutions, designed to meet your specific budget and needs.

Where possible we aim to resolve your dispute outside of court, saving time, money and relationships.

For those situations that do result in court proceedings, we have extensive experience representing clients in all of the main State and Federal courts and tribunals.

Signing Contract

  • Competition and consumer law

  • Deceptive conduct and misrepresentation

  • Negligence

  • Neighbour Disputes

    • Adverse Possession​

    • Dividing Fences

    • View Restrictions

  • Advice and representation for disputes involving:

    • Breach of contract

    • Restraint of trade

    • Mining and resources

    • Property (including leasing, land development, joint ventures)

    • Building and construction

    • Taxation law, including objections to assessment notices and the payment of stamp/transfer duty

    • Wills, Estates and Trusts (including inheritance claims)

    • Directors’ duties

    • Shareholder actions

    • Franchise law

    • Farming partnerships

    • Intellectual property

    • Freedom of Information (FOI) applications

    • Planning and development applications and approvals

    • Mortgagee repossessions

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