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We understand that the end of a relationship is emotionally draining and, quite often, destabilising.  On top of that, the legal implications can seem overwhelmingly complex.

Getting good advice early on allows you to understand your rights and obligations, what will happen when and 'what it all means'. Most importantly, it allows you to cut through all of the noise that naturally comes from your friends, family, neighbours, even your hairdresser and dog groomer all wanting to provide you their own bits of advice together with handed down myths, legends and tales.

Our job is to hear you and protect what is important to you. We will work with you to provide you certainty, peace of mind and support during one of the most difficult periods of your life.



Sad on Couch
Family Walking

  • Advising clients of their rights on separation and divorce

  • Advising clients in de facto relationships

  • Advising clients in same sex relationships

  • Binding Financial Agreements (inc. 'prenuptial agreements')

  • Negotiation of property matters

  • Applications by consent

  • Contested applications

  • Arrangements for children (including child support, custody and visitation rights)

  • Surrogacy and Adoption 

  • Restructuring businesses, trusts and companies following separation

  • Superannuation splitting

  • General family law advice

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