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    Keeping it Confidential: Data Breach Obligations and Your Business

    Why is this important for Your Business? You might have noticed that some of the largest corporations in the world have, over the course of the last 12 months, been updating their privacy policies. You might have also noticed that the Australian media is reporting on large scale data breaches more regularly than ever before. We now live in a world where, whether you’re an individual, business or government department,…

    Mar 10, 2019


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    What is a Mutual Will Agreement?

    A Mutual Will Agreement is a contract between two parties, usually spouses. Under a Mutual Will Agreement each party agrees that they will not change their Will without their spouse’s consent, or if their spouse has died, the consent of their agreed beneficiaries (who are usually their children). By executing this Agreement, the parties ensure that certain mutually agreed upon testamentary intentions are given effect. Whilst under a Mutual Will…

    Jan 19, 2018

    blended families estate planning mutual will agreement second marriages wills

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    Why You Need a Will

    I had a client once, let’s call her Jane. She was in her later 30s. Her husband Jack had died. She came and saw me 7 years after Jack’s death. She had moved on and made a new life for herself. She had remarried to Steve.  Her three children and Steve’s  four children had formed a semi-Brady Bunch situation. All 9 of them were living happily in Jane and Jack’s…

    Sep 30, 2017

    Disputes Entitlements estate planning Inheritance Will

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