Criminal and Traffic Offences


We understand that criminal investigations and charges can cause significant stress with far reaching implications for you and your family. They often have the potential to end careers and tear apart families.

It is vital that you obtain immediate advice about your rights and options from one of our experienced lawyers before your matter escalates any further.

  • Road traffic offences, including
    • driving without a licence or while disqualified or suspended
    • driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Applications for an extraordinary driver’s licence
  • Applications for a spent conviction
  • Drug offences
  • Violence Restraining Orders (VRO)
  • Misconduct Restraining Orders (MRO)
  • Property-related offences, including stealing and fraud
  • Local government prosecutions
  • Planning, development and building offences
  • Trust reviews, variations and vesting

If you need advice or representation with respect to a criminal matter, contact us for a no-obligation discussion.